MBI Product Page

Unique products and great service are what make MBi different from the competition. Our original formulas combine vitamins, minerals, foods, and herbs in the proper proportions to create products that help promote healthy structures, functions, systems, and organs of the body. Some of these combinations cannot be found anywhere else. MBi products simply bring balance back to life.

Health care professionals have come to know and trust the MBi name. We are respected for the efficacy and quality of our products. Our line, prescribed by medical doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, estheticians, dentists, and other professionals, is often recommended over the national name brands. When high quality is essential, professionals turn to MBi.

When state of the art, specialized formulas are indicated, professionals look to us. Some of our products are designed to substitute for over-the-counter and other synthetic products. Others eliminate taking multiple products for a condition by combining the ingredients into one condition-specific product. Take the time to browse our comprehensive product line and be sure to have your patients needs in mind. The natural solution for balance can be found at MBi.